A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

My very first DOS release for CGA-or-better PC compatibles.

This was written from scratch in one hour, for the 1-Hour-Game-Jam. Quite a challenge!

Goal: keep your moving cursor inside the shrinking square for as many generations as possible.


  • w: up
  • a: left
  • s: right
  • z: down
  • q: quit

Why not using the arrows? I didn't know how to do it back then. 

There were some effort to port it to *Real Mode*, but that was mostly dropped, with *Protected Mode* still being required.

Install instructions

This game requires a 386 or better, with CGA or compatible. May require DOSBox on newer machines.

Just run demo.exe and have fun!


stay486.zip 271 kB


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