TO PLAY THE GAME, PLEASE PRESS THE FULLSCREEN BUTTON. This is my first published Emscripten project and I'm still getting the hang of it.

This a prototype written for the #LOWREZJAM, inspired by my love for both Orcs And Elves (Id Software) and iberian history.

You're a cleric warrior on your way to become a magician and you began exploring the dungeons below your temple. You became trapped and must collect the power relics to face the demons and become free.

This version is a very simple one, with only two levels. The game controls with "tank controls". Space will fire a energy ball that will instantly hit your target, but uses your energy (blue glow). At the left is your health points, that only go down as you're hit.

A "cheaper" form of attack is a meelee attack, that spares you the cost of a fireball, but causes you to absorb part of the dark energy of the enemy - use it too much and you could become a corrupt wizard.

You must clear the level of monsters before proceeding to the next.

Published Apr 18, 2016
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Made withSDL
Tagsemscripten, LOWREZJAM, RPG Maker, wizardry

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