A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

About the game:

This a simple test made in a very short time, using some borrowed assets from my other games, as well as some components I had laying around.


OH LOOK! AN 8-BIT VERSION! https://montyontherun.itch.io/sub-mare-imperium-derelict-8-bit

...SO, WHY NOT A 16-BIT VERSION AS WELL? https://montyontherun.itch.io/sub-mare-imperium-derelict-16-bits

WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE 64-BIT VERSION! https://montyontherun.itch.io/sub-mare-imperium-derelict-64

"128-BIT" (PS2, OpenGL ES 2, GC and Wii) VERSION: https://montyontherun.itch.io/derelict-128

Sure, this is not a fully original idea but rather a game I've been trying to make since I was a teenager in one way or another. This time, I have reframed the whole story and character motivation, as well as the puzzles. The level geometry was entirely redone as well, but still bears some vague resemblance with the original concept.

Bear in mind this is the more-or-less just two weeks of work on top of an engine I've written for another game. Things are still settling!

Source code: https://github.com/TheFakeMontyOnTheRun/space-trashman-blues


  • Z - if you have an object in front of you, use the object in your hand with that object. If there's nothing in front of you, use the object in your hand.
  • X: if there's a pickable object in front of you, pick it. If it's not pickable, interact with it (say, a computer terminal). If there's nothing in front of you, drop the object in your hand.
  • C: inspect the object in your hand.
  • V: next item in your inventory.

This is a slow game. Take your time!


Derelict Alpha 1.4 for Amiga AGA (030 strongly recommended) 152 kB
Derelict Alpha 1.4 Mac OS 9.0 Classic PPC 147 kB
Derelict Alpha 1.4 OSX 32-bit (Intel and PPC) 2 MB
Derelict Alpha 1.4 OSX 64-bit (Intel and M1) 2 MB
Derelict alpha 1.4 for Windows 95 (32-bit) 733 kB
Derelict Alpha 1.4 for Windows 10 (64-bit) 781 kB
Derelict for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance - beta 3 371 kB
Derelict for 386 (DOS/VGA)- beta 2.zip 208 kB

Install instructions


Just place the executable wherever you want. The base.pfs file must be on the same place as the executable.

Might require DOSBox for modern machines.

System Requirements:

  • MS-DOS: 386SX with 4MB of RAM and MS-DOS 5.0 (486DX with 8MB of RAM and FreeDOS recommeded)
  • Amiga AGA:  stock Amiga 1200 will run, but glacially slow. A 030 with FastMem makes for a very playable session. In fact, with some arm twisting, it will even run on an A600 (a different build, with less colours on the screen) - but even slower.
  • Mac OSX PPC/Intel:  tested on a PowerMac G4 ("Digital Audio") running 10.4 Tiger and a Macbook Air 2017 running Mojave (Intel i5)
  • Mac Classic: tested on a PowerMac G4 ("Digital Audio") both on Classic and natively on Mac OS 9.22. THIS VERSION IS HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL!
  • Windows 95: still uses a lot of assets from The Mistral Report, but works fine. Doesn't require DirectX or WinG.

A version for Amiga OCS will come in the next few months!

Development log


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The GBA port is shaping up nicely, despite still being a bit slow.


The ambience gives me some serious Megaman Legends vibes! I love it! =)


I was honestly aiming at a Marathon look, but hey, that works too! :D