Getting closer to RPG experience I want to deliver

After a lot of bug-fixing and general improvements to usability, I believe to have enough for a new release - this time, I'm much more confident of being close to a release candidate than ever - if only I could fix that one small memory leak...

  • Among the fixes and improvements:
  • I failed to notice that the last character of every line of text is missing (even on the screenshots)!
  • Some textures were misplaced on later levels.
  • Added better and more descriptive messages to what happens in the game.
  • Further tweaked the controls to allow a quick switch of items.
  • Removed some old PC Speaker code that would make everybody's ears bleed.
  • Improved significantly the stability of OPL2LPT sounds

The game still fits on a floppy and runs under 4MB of RAM (I still can't believe I actually made it!).

As usual, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks to No Time To Play.

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Jan 30, 2018

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