A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


For old machines: a 386Sx with 4MB of RAM is enough (a 486DX, with 8MB of RAM is recommended).

Sound options:

  • To run with OPL2LPT, use "noudar opl2lpt"
  • To run with Adlib and compatibles, run "noudar adlib"
  • Finally, for PC Speaker, run "noudar pcspeaker"

This is my modest entry into a venerable genre of RPGs  and also is a new 3D interpretation into my roguelike engine.

It is a simple game, made deliberately to fit into a single 1.44MB floppy disk uncompressed. In fact, I test it on a 486Sx 33Mhz with 8MB and without a hard drive.

It's a game for old farts like me, but I hope you could wear old fedoras and suspenders, put yourself into the right mindset and enjoy it as well.

DOS is back with a vengeance. This is only the first blow.

Media coverage: 

A very thorough review by Sparcie:


Also, a very kind review at DOSGames.com:


The game was featured in the Homebrew Heroes section of Retro Gamer magazine, LOAD 180:

The game was first covered at The New Retro Show!

Our good pal, Toni Ortiz:

Marco Plays DOS Games:

And Montie Mongoose:

Install instructions

Just download and play wherever it's more convenient. It was made to fit inside a single 1.44 floppy, uncompressed and play straight from it.

On modern machines, it may require DOSBox.


DungeonsOfNoudar3D_V11_386DOS.zip 512 kB

Development log


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Thanks for posting your game, I added it to DOSGames.com here:


I'll try to remember to check back to see if there are updates, and refresh the game on my site :)


Check this out: your game made it to Vintage Is the New Old's database of homebrew games! Congrats!


Twice, indeed! Very nice!

Thank you for notifying me.


Oh man, now that I see this I'm tempted to take out my old Pascal compiler to o something like this once more. I've only played a small part and it looks interesting so far. Good thing some people still create new stuff for DOS. How I long for that time that computers "just worked" (and if they crashed you always knew which program you shouldn't run anymore) :)


Please, do whip out some awesome Pascal!

I firmly believe we didn't explored the 486s well enough. And Pascal could use some vindication as well.

Hope you had a good time playing. Its a simple game, but gives me great sense of accomplishment and will help testing the grounds for something bigger.


Time is not on my side, as I'm in the middle of a big project already, but I will definitely put it on my "bucket list" to create another DOS game in Pascal. ;) It's a long time ago since I used that language last, so I fear I may have become a little "rusty", but that makes the challenge only greater, right ;) I did find just ONE old game of mine I coded in Pascal ages ago, and I posted that on Game Jolt, perhaps I should post that one here on itch.io as well ...

I liked what I've seen so far, but as I had little time to play it, I cannot yet pass a "full review", but at least I can say that the effort shows and that's worth a lot. I too believe the pre Windows95 days were a bit of the "golden age" for games... ;)

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(C++ 14) + DOS = Oh Yeah : )

Seriously this is awesome at some level... although I'm not sure exactly what running this on my Mac will entail, and the install instructions do feel a bit curt.


Anything but DOS is heresy =P

TBF, the installation is rather simple since it's meant to be simply copying to a floppy disk.

I'm cooking a Windows 95 version that might ship with a proper installation setup. Gotta look into this.

Thanks for playing!


Nice work! I could quibble that messages are as uninformative as they are verbose. There's not need to tell the player they just moved, but it would be useful to tell them they only have one item when they try switching. Otherwise, it's a blast from the past. Thank you for making it.

Thank you! I got to admit that I didn't think the weapon selection would need further feedback. I've also toyed with the idea of having numbers, like the weapons in Doom - would think this is better? Would you be interested in testing a specific build with that?

Gonna improve upon your feedback anyway. Thank you very much for testing!


You're right, the weapon selection is pretty obvious from the HUD, the message is mostly useful for letting the player know their command was acknowledged. Letting the player press number keys to switch weapons would be be a nice addition too -- no need to replace the current system. The messages just need to be a little more context-aware and less Captain Obvious. And you're welcome!


Yes, someone entered a DOS game!